Gitega Province, Burundi
Arabica – Bourbon
1,749 m ASL
Fully Washed

The Stories Behind Our Coffees


In the central region of Burundi, Gitega Province is home to excellent, award-winning coffee. Butemba coffee has won the Cup of Excellence in four of the last five competition years. A small group of 25 farmers produce the Butemba cherries in Musongati, an area with higher elevation than is typical for the region. Their coffee is grown among banana trees, beans and cassava plants. For the single fermentation process, the washing station accesses local spring water connected to the

source of the Nile River. After 21 days drying time on African raised beds, the coffee parchment looks very healthy, with a screen size larger than found in other areas. While less well-known, this region has an impressive track record. It’s a beautiful place, which I recently visited with a group of roasters and importers. That’s why Butemba has been selected for this year’s harvest lots.

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