Power of Partnerships


Power of Partnerships

JNP Coffee partners with organizations that do important work in Burundi. One of these organizations, Burundi Friends International (BFI), is a nonprofit organization, also founded by Jeanine in 2008, with the mission of uniting and educating youth, women and men to create economic empowerment and build self-sustaining communities. JNP Coffee is a sustaining partner of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) as they work together to support and empower women coffee growers. Based on this partnership, JNP Coffee has created a bonus program called Dushime, or “Let’s be thankful” in Kirundi, based on quality and paid directly to the women farmers of the IWCA Burundi chapter.



BFI serves over 75,000 students across all provinces in Burundi. They have six container libraries, 79 smaller libraries (mostly in schools) and 1,000 English Clubs that meet in small classrooms. BFI also supports higher
education by paying college tuition, fees and living costs for 42 individuals in Burundi. JNP Coffee is a proud financial supporter of BFI, and Jeanine still serves on their board. Today, more than 2,000 women and their families benefit from the Dushime program, paying for their children’s education, improving their farms, and saving money for the first time in their lives.

Education is empowerment. Financial literacy training brings knowledge directly to women coffee farmers. In partnership with Project Concern International (PCI) and BFI, the Village Savings & Loan Association Program began to teach women to save money in groups and how to make microloans to other women. Meeting weekly, women in these local training groups learn other aspects of managing money and support one another as they face personal challenges in their home lives.


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