Empowering Women


Life is a dance. When you dance with your whole body, your energy is magnified.

You can feel the joy and the sorrow of all people and you understand we are here to make a difference.

In Burundi, cultural norms shift slowly, and until recently, women did not have property rights or access to education. In an economic sense, women in countries like Burundi are often considered to be underutilized assets. JNP Coffee, however, is using the power of specialty coffee to transform the lives of women growers by paying them directly for their work, encouraging community, shifting social norms and making them part of their local economies. Typically, women reinvest 90 percent of their income back into their families and community. It is no wonder that “women-produced” coffee commands a premium in today’s market. It has a value far beyond coffee.


For our founder, Jeanine, the success of these programs for the women in Burundi is the realization of a dream. When Jeanine visits these women growers, they always take time to dance together in celebration of the joy and community that they feel.

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