Gitega Province, Burundi
Arabica – Bourbon
1551 m ASL
Fully Washed

The Stories Behind Our Coffees


A sweet and savory coffee from the Kibuye washing station was an award winner of the prestigious Cup of Excellence in 2014. This year’s micro-lot has the presence of cherry cola, grape, citrus, clove, butterscotch and orange juice notes in it. Each year, JNP Coffee’s Q. Grader and quality controller visits its source to guide farmers and wet processors on best practices in Gitega Province, an area in central Burundi that experiences good rain levels. Cherries mature later in this region because they retain

water longer. That additional maturation time results in more complex sugars, and thus sweeter coffee. Good quality, clear stream water is used to process the coffee at Kibuye, a small, tidy washing station with a long history. During the manual sorting process, we saw farmers shaking off the cherries’ dried parchment on “urutaro” – large, flat handwoven baskets used to reveal the silver-covered beans before they go to the dry mill.

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