Our program helps coffee farmers and buyers of all sizes navigate the complex maze to find the right coffee profiles, import and export from Burundi, and support sustainable projects on the ground. Our value proposition lies in the creation of a traceable and sustainable buying and selling cycle between farmers and customers. Our business is dedicated to improving farmers’ lives and strengthening relationships with our clients.


We offer an array of services and programs to assist you with importing coffee beans. For green coffee buyers and roasters, we enable direct trade with coffee farmers and producers. We manage the process end to end, including shipping to your final destination. JNP Coffee offers a critical difference, as we line up the financing necessary to carry your inventory.  Start your importation now!



We take pride in our seamless exporting services from origin to end customer. In close consultation, we calibrate your desired profiles with the appropriate micro-climates and coffees in Burundi. We manage your entire supply chain, from identifying your ideal coffees to delivering green coffee bags directly to your discerning customers anywhere in the world. Ready to export now? Connect with us for assistance.

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