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What is Dushime®?

In Kirundi, one of the primary languages of Burundi, Dushime means “let’s be thankful.” At JNP Coffee, Dushime means a share of the premium that high-quality specialty coffee commands in the global marketplace.

For the coffee farmers of Burundi, Dushime® means a second payment late in the year, after the latest harvest has been sold by JNP Coffee to its customers worldwide. Averaging the equivalent of US$40, this cash is reinvested into the farmers’ communities, paying for such items as:

  • Secondary school fees

  • Books, school uniforms, school supplies

  • Fertilizer for the next season’s crops

  • Jobs for additional laborers on coffee farms

Partners with JNP Coffee can increase the level of Dushime® payments to farmers in specific regions or for individual coffees.

Join us in our mission to improve the lives of farmers in Burundi.

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