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JNP Coffee

A company with deep ties to Burundi.

JNP Coffee is a producer, exporter and importer of green coffee from Burundi that we promote in the global specialty coffee market. The company began in 2012, but our history with Burundi goes much further back. The founder, Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian, is herself Burundian-born and raised. She left her home to attend a university in the United States.


Inspired by these deep ties to Burundi, JNP Coffee has built a successful business based on the quality potential of the coffees and the enterprising farmers who care for them. However, we define our success more broadly. The coffee growers in Burundi are our partners and they, too, must share in the success. We are building our futures together.


The coffees that we source from the farmers of East Africa are exceptional. The climate, soil and people are unique. We work closely with our partners, training them on best practices to produce the highest quality specialty coffee, grown in volcanic soil among cassava, tea and bananas, using no pesticides.


JNP Coffee believes that coffee can create a sustainable future for the people of Burundi, especially women and youth, who strive to achieve dreams and successes of their own. Our goal is to be a model for the next generation of coffee companies and growers, ready to participate in inclusive, people-centered economic development. We are guided by the belief that we are here to make a difference.

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