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Empowering Women

Life is a dance. When you dance with your whole body, your energy is magnified. You can feel the joy and the sorrow of all people and you understand we are here to make a difference.


Jeanine visiting women growers. They always take time to dance together in celebration of the joy and community that they feel. 

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In Burundi, cultural norms shift slowly, and women still lack full property ownership rights or equal access to education. In an economic sense, women in countries such as Burundi are often considered underutilized assets. JNP Coffee uses the power of specialty coffee to transform the lives of women growers by paying them directly for their work, encouraging community and challenging customs as they become central participants in their local economies. Typically, women reinvest 90 percent of their income back into their families and community. No wonder women-produced coffee commands a premium in today's market. We recognize that it holds a value beyond coffee.


JNP Coffee works closely with over 11,000 farmers  that produce excellent coffee, using an innovative natural processing method that is unique to the area. We share the success their coffee enjoys in global markets through our Dushime® premium payment program. In Kirundi, Dushime means “Let’s be thankful.” 


In recent years, JNP Coffee also purchased the majority of coffee grown by women members of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) and supported other organizations that teach women financial literacy and leadership skills.  This program has been so popular that local men petitioned to join the classes.


The success of these programs for the women in Burundi is a dream fulfilled for our founder, Jeanine. When she visits women growers, they always take time to dance together in celebration of the joy and community they feel.



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