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How does JNP Coffee foster financial literacy?

When farmers in Burundi receive payment for their coffee cherries delivered to the wet mills, the money helps to feed their families and cover the costs of their work to plant and care for the trees.

But when they receive a second payment for their coffee post-harvest, especially women farmers, they can attend financial literacy classes to learn how their money can work for them.

Sponsored by JNP Coffee and its partners, these classes teach the basics of savings and microfinance – contributing to a savings pool that permits small loans to its members. For many women, this is the first time in their lives they have had their own money to save.

Proceeds of one of these savings pools led to the construction and management of Burundi’s first woman-owned washing station. A group of seven women raised $100,000 to build the mill and named it Turihamwe Turoshobura, which means “Together we can,” in Kirundi. Coffee produced here remains in high demand by JNP Coffee customers.

Find out how you can become a financial literacy partner with JNP Coffee.

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