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Burundi Coffee Hot Topic at New York Coffee Festival

New York City has high-octane energy levels on an ordinary day, but for three days in mid-October, the city had an extra buzz at the New York Coffee Festival. For coffee professionals and coffee lovers alike, the festival featured demonstrations, workshops, talks and tastings from industry experts.

Generating buzz Burundi-style, I described how my work with women coffee famers in my home country has led to harvesting award-winning coffee beans. I presented to roasters and baristas the first day, with members of the public joining the audience on days 2 and 3.

It was an honor for me to be on the same speaker schedule as coffee luminary George Howell, whose work celebrating high-quality specialty coffees from around the world dates back to 1974. His daughter visited our women-owned farms in Burundi during the trip I organized in May.

I was busy cupping each day of the festival, which brought in many new enthusiasts for Burundi coffee. Our microlots are going fast! Look at the few we still have coming from Burundi -- if you would like a sample, call or email me at

Our warmer-than-usual fall temperatures had everyone talking about cold-brew coffee throughout the festival. I was happy to tell people that Burundi coffee is even better when it’s cold brewed.

Being in New York has me fired up to spread the word about excellent coffee from Burundi. Let’s have a conversation soon. Email me and we’ll set up a convenient time.

Warmly, Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian

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