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New Year’s Wishes and Gratitude

Many people would rather not look back at 2020, just flip the calendar and move ahead.

But I want to pause for just a moment to reflect on both the changes and the progress we enjoyed at JNP Coffee.

Burundi experienced a change in leadership, thankfully few coronavirus cases, and a marvelous harvest.

  • The women who pooled their savings from premiums earned in previous seasons completed their wet mill and produced a coffee well-received by global markets – high-scoring Turihamwe.

  • Just before Christmas, JNP Coffee was able to deliver premium payments to 345 coffee farmers, both women and men.

The elevated discussions of race relations in the United States brought a new focus on Black-owned businesses.

  • I was honored to discuss the roles of race and gender in the business of coffee with other industry leaders in several online forums.

  • JNP Coffee partnered with brewers and a start-up food company to bring Burundi coffee into new markets with important messages shared with multiple media outlets.

Of course, the impact of COVID-19 affected us all.

  • As a supplier to retailers hard-hit by COVID restrictions, we were proud to support GoFundBean efforts to support unemployed baristas across the U.S.

  • Close to home, we collaborated with a Worcester roaster to deliver bags of Burundi coffee to UMass Medical School, recognizing (and hopefully energizing) many tired medical residents for their work on the front lines to battle the virus.

We are grateful for our partners in this work together -- for all our supporters and clients who purchased our coffees in 2020.

With a new year comes new coffee. As you read this, containers are steaming toward both East and West Coast ports. Warehouses will soon have plenty of delicious Burundi coffees available, bringing with each bag the farmers’ stories. Give me a call at 858-518-7437 or email me at to learn more.

While we recognize that 2020 had often overwhelming challenges no one could have predicted, we continue to be guided by our belief that we are here to make a difference.


Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian

Founder and Owner, JNP Coffee LLC


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